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nameless nameless

Rated 4 / 5 stars

,.... Who thehell needs sleep anyways?

Here is my review now dont hate:

So i get bored and find a true artist on the front oage and i say i like his work! and i check out more. and i come to this thing that i some how find more disturbing than the rest. i dont know if people noticed, or if you even noticed, but it is a human-ish face. But one half is slightly more, "straight sketched" than the other,. on the right side of his shoulder it goes off into one of those hospital liney thingymajigs that go BEEEEEEP when you die :D. his ear is also slightly elfish and the side of his face is drawn more straight. the left side is almost,... wrinkly. there are several rings about his eye that suggest FUCKKING CREEPY and there almost squiggles defining his face. i know thisisnt what you usually say in a review, describing the picture in whole, but i felt i had to. the eyes is what set me off. i have been looking at it too long, i feel like if i look up from my computer, it will be standing in front of me. THE FUCKIN EYES DUDE.. the wayn everything is dark and those are like BAM WHAT NOW is just... disturbing. I doubt anyone will read this, but idc. When i was about 13, i started drawing these... Zombies. they had white glowing eyes and alot of blood on theirr face. i drew my friends as zombies, my teacher one time, and a clown to annoy a bitch in school. this reminds me of my drawings. Id upload them to newgrounds, but i dont have a scanner :(. I still draw them today :D

To sum it up: for just having some shitty pencils you did an excellent job. Disturbing....

PS My keyboard is sticky so sorry for the shitty typing

Time Fcuk Time Fcuk

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I wanna be first to say

Congrats of it making it in the calendar! u r an inspiration! im gonna make art now! watch me fail epicly!

Araelyn responds:

I wish I made it into the calendar but, thank you! <3