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I Like Trains I Like Trains

Rated 5 / 5 stars

... They put him on some Ritalin.... see if that would help
The doctor found the perfect dose and asked him how he felt
He stared at the doctor with that same creepy smile
And the I Like Trains kid said:

"I feel great!"

I feel great too! the only thing i could think that would mke this better if it was a loop... a loop indeed is needed! I LIKE TRAINS <3

You are a pirate!!! You are a pirate!!!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

ITs the ones u don.t try hard on

Are the best. Lol, And the guy under the guy under me, dont say its a useless review. ITS ABUSIVE! GET THIS ASSWIPE OFF NEWGROUNDS! SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM D:. LMfao, love this shi*

Steinberg responds:

Yep, his review is gone! :)
Thanks for the 10!

Trix:Complete Breakfast 1 Trix:Complete Breakfast 1

Rated 4 / 5 stars

From being from '05

Great job. 6 years later, no sequel. (Excuse my horrible language) hope you havnt given up fate on this.

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Crush The Castle 2 Crush The Castle 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars


me and my freind dont play the main game we play empire.

Doodle Devil Doodle Devil

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Copyed from a guy qho copyed from a guy...

Who copyed from a guy
who copyd from a guy
And copyed from another guy
and copyed off the interwebs :33

Woman + Man = Sex + Life
Sin + Sex = Lust
Darkness + Beast = Demon
Demon + Order = Copyright
Human + Knowledge = Book
Beast + Water = Fish
Fire + Beast = Ash
Fire + Human = Corpse + Suffering
Life + Zombie = Zombie
Demon + Human = Soul + Corpse
Soul + Light = Heaven
Sin + Soul = Inferno
Soul + Demon = Money
Sin + Money = Greed + Theft
Apple + Earth = Seeds
Human + Beast = Werewolf
Human + Human/Man + Man = Friendship
Fire + Water = Steam
Air Fire = Energy
Earth Fire = Lava
Inferno + Air = Sulfur
Earth + Seeds = Tree + Mushroom + Grass
Fire + Tree = Ash
Fire + Soul = Inferno
Life + Earth = Worm
Energy + Darkness =Death
Death + Corpse = Zombie
Demon + Energy = Magic
Lava + Air = Stone
Stone + Fire = Metal
Energy+ Metal = Electricity
Seeds + Energy = Coffee
Human + Copyright = Lawyer
Werewolf + Human = Werewolf + Werewolf
Magic + Human = Worm
Woman + Magic = Witch
Witch + Human = Diseases
Grass + Fire = Tobacco
Human + Metal = Weapon
Sin + Greed = Envy
Human + Weapon = Blood
Blood + Human = Vampire
Demon + Water Cthulhu
Human + Tree = Food
Sin + Food = Gutton
Sin + Weapon = Wrath
Human + Money = Work
Sin + Corpse = Murder
Corpse + Electricity = Frakenstein
Human + Murder = Corpse + Inferno
Human + Greed = Gambling
Water + Sulfur = Acid
Acid + Human = Sufferring
Earth + Knowledge = Oil
Beast + Diseases = Rat
Rat + Air = Dove
Magic + Stone = Egg
Egg + Worm = Snakes
Light + Life = Angel
Human + Angel = Prayer
Man + Prayer = Heavens + Religions
Electrcity + Air = Radio Wave
Magic + Egg = Dragon
Snake + Beast = Hyrda
Sin + Religion = Heresy
Heresy + Religion = Sect
Sin + Sin = Pride
Sin + Work = Sloth
Heresy + Human = Psychology + Atheism
Human + Pride = Politican
Politician + Pride = War
(I see what you did thar :D)
Human + Stone = House
Metal + Work = Mechanism
Sex + Mechanism = Censored
Oil + Acid = TNT
TNT + Metal = Bomb
Bomb + Mushroom = Nuclear Bomb
Mechanism + Oil = Car
Demon + Mechanism = TV
TV + Book = Computer
Computer + Computer = Internet
Mechanism + Computer = Robot
Life + Computer = AI
Radio Wave + Computer = Cellphone
AI + Robot = Cyborg
Weapon + Beast = Food + Blood
Weapon + Snake = Poison.

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&amp;quot;-The Random Generator-&amp;quot; "-The Random Generator-"

Rated 5 / 5 stars


No one knew why the wild dentist attacked the wealthy banana of the gardener
Unfortunately,the zombie poisoned the dogwalker of the sky
After some thought,the gangster drowned with the flesh of the serial killer.

Odd. But good.

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Recent Art Reviews

nameless nameless

Rated 4 / 5 stars

,.... Who thehell needs sleep anyways?

Here is my review now dont hate:

So i get bored and find a true artist on the front oage and i say i like his work! and i check out more. and i come to this thing that i some how find more disturbing than the rest. i dont know if people noticed, or if you even noticed, but it is a human-ish face. But one half is slightly more, "straight sketched" than the other,. on the right side of his shoulder it goes off into one of those hospital liney thingymajigs that go BEEEEEEP when you die :D. his ear is also slightly elfish and the side of his face is drawn more straight. the left side is almost,... wrinkly. there are several rings about his eye that suggest FUCKKING CREEPY and there almost squiggles defining his face. i know thisisnt what you usually say in a review, describing the picture in whole, but i felt i had to. the eyes is what set me off. i have been looking at it too long, i feel like if i look up from my computer, it will be standing in front of me. THE FUCKIN EYES DUDE.. the wayn everything is dark and those are like BAM WHAT NOW is just... disturbing. I doubt anyone will read this, but idc. When i was about 13, i started drawing these... Zombies. they had white glowing eyes and alot of blood on theirr face. i drew my friends as zombies, my teacher one time, and a clown to annoy a bitch in school. this reminds me of my drawings. Id upload them to newgrounds, but i dont have a scanner :(. I still draw them today :D

To sum it up: for just having some shitty pencils you did an excellent job. Disturbing....

PS My keyboard is sticky so sorry for the shitty typing

Time Fcuk Time Fcuk

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I wanna be first to say

Congrats of it making it in the calendar! u r an inspiration! im gonna make art now! watch me fail epicly!

Araelyn responds:

I wish I made it into the calendar but, thank you! <3